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The Horrors II is an epic 100 card set (50 A/B), boasting some of the most varied, exciting and high quality art and visual effects seen on the WAX blockchain to date. With over 8 variants including newly envisioned Glass, Cosmic, Bloodsoaked and Cursed, the set easily surpasses 1300 unique cards, including well over 300 unique 1/1s.

Take a look at some of our variants on this page for a sneak peak into all of our beautiful cards.

Base — Common

Illustrated by Macaulay Etherington, these beautiful base cards are fully rendered and packed with horrifying detail.

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Glass — Uncommon

Designed by the legendary Schwarzbacca, the Glass variant is one of the coolest and most highly desired variants we have ever created.

Film Negative — Limited

Another Schwartzbacca joint, the film negative effect inverts our characters giving them a completely unique and creepy twist.

Bloodsoaked — Legendary

This legendary variant, once again designed by the incredible Schwartzbacca, do not pop from packs very often. But when they do – this is the kind of blood you want to see!

Guest Set — Special

Illustrated by J.P. Vlichis and coloured by Macauley Etherington, the guest cards are a much loved addition to the Horrors collection. Lovingly created in a inimitable retro style, they are a firm favourite amongst hardcore Horror heads.

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Living Legends — Living Legendary

Series 1 characters brought to life by Ultra Rare lead animator, Ben Watson, these legendary cards are the jewel in the The Horrors II crown.

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How do I buy?

Want to have a go at cracking some packs and collecting all our cards? Here's what you have to do:

1. First, set up a Wax Cloud Wallet account over at

2. Buy some wax through your account, or through another crypto site (if you’re in the US)

3. Head over to the Atomichub marketplace and get stuck in!

It's a simple three step process, but can be complicated for anyone not into crypto already, so feel free to get in touch with us — we're always super happy to help! We make announcements about new packs over on all our social medias, so make sure to follow us to keep up to date!