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Who are we?

Ultra Rare are a digital collectibles, comics and games company based in the UK. Known for their bold art styles, innovative approach and community building skills, Ultra Rare are one of the most beloved and successful brands working in the digital space today.
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Meta Battler is a trading card game that bridges the worlds of collectibles and gaming in a bold and exciting way. What makes Meta Battler truly game changing is its unique ability to use any NFT ever created on WAX in-game.

What's even more mind-blowing is that every NFT created from this point on will be assigned attributes automatically. This means that not only every Funko card can be used game, but every NFT you create can be used in Meta Battler also.

Wanna fight with a deck you created yourself, just for you? Go for it. Wanna create your own Meta Battler collections which you sell or distribute to your community? Absolutely. Wanna make a deck comprised of nothing but images of feet and troll the crap out of your opponents. Let's freaking goooo!

Our Featured Collections

With three sell-out launches and well over one million dollars in total sales,
The Horrors has established itself as one of the most sought-after NFT collectible sets on WAX.
Have a look at the collections we've made so far below: