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In late 2021, Ultra Rare brought iconic horror franchise, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre to the Ethereum blockchain.

Having stepped through a strange and mysterious portal, ultimate degen, Leatherface, finds himself in the metaverse. Armed with his trusty chainsaw and a mask for every occasion, he embarks on a bloody blockchain massacre, aping into projects and carving his way through an array of NFT characters, trying on their traits for size…

1,666unique generative NFTs, built from over a hundred and fifty trait sand no small amount of love. While we’ve used several iconic masksand costumes from across fifty years of this franchise, we’ve also thrown in some weird, wacky and wonderful stuff too.


August 18, 1973. An idyllic Saturday afternoon drive through the Texas hill country becomes a nightmare for five teen-agers when they fall prey to a bizarre, cannibalistic family, and the masked, chainsaw-wielding monster, Leatherface.

In the gruelling dog-days of a Texas summer, a ragtag band of filmmakers, students, friends, family, and hangers-on—working with a meagre $60,000.00 dollar budget—set out to make an independent horror film. Shot in 16mm, their efforts would produce, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (1974), a film that in the almost 50 years since its modest beginnings has come to be regarded as a classic of modern American cinema.

"The Texas Chain Saw Massacre is a perfect horror film. From an aesthetic and narrative standpoint, it is one of the most emulated genre films of the last half century… The Texas Chain Saw Massacre is both of its time and timeless, the rarely-achieved goal of any serious work of art."
Matt Risnes