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We’re a pretty open and collaborative team over here at Ultra Rare, so if you have any ideas or suggestions on how we might improve things, please get in touch!
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There are also many ways you can be part of our amazing community through our Discord or our Telegram. We also have a few different social media accounts so you can keep up to date on all the latest projects & updates we're working on. And trust us, there's lots more to come.
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FAQs —

You might have lots of questions. Why would I want to collect digital things? What are NFTs?? And what the hell is WAX?! We get it, we had the exact same thoughts.

We know everything crypto can be confusing, and there might be a few questions you might have already. So here's just a few common ones, If we don't answer them here — get in touch — we're always happy to answer and solve any problem you may have!

What are 'digital collectibles?'

Ultimately, a digital collectible is an NFT, or — a 'Non Fungible Token.' You might have heard of that term already, they've really taken off recently. No, we don't know what "fungible" means or whether it's even a real word. What we do know is it essentially means a digital artwork or collectible. Like a baseball card. Or a Garbage Pail Kid sticker. But inside the internets. And it's legit. A one-off. It can't be counterfeited or copied, none of that nonsense.

Why should I collect digital?

Well, lots of reasons. They don't deteriorate. They don't get all dirty and smelly and dog-eared. It's super simple to buy, sell and trade them with peeps all over the world. And they can do so much more than your standard collectibles. They can be music, video and all other kinds of digital media, things no one has even thought of yet.

Hint: the ones no one has thought of — that's what we make.

And WAX, what's that?

WAX is the currency you use to buy these digital collectibles. It’s like Bitcoin or Yen or Rubles. But why can’t you just pay in dollars or good ol’ pounds sterling, I hear you ask. Fortunately crypto isn't just for super geeks these days, and you can buy WAX with just a few simple clicks. And this is why these pieces of digital goodness can’t be counterfeited. Because WAX is on the blockchain. And what’s a blockchain? Honestly, we've got no idea. Look, just accept it - digital collectibles work, they’re badass and we love them!
If this all still doesn't make sense, and you'd like to learn more — here's a great article to help you.