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The Horrors II is an epic 100 card set (50 A/B), boasting some of the most varied, exciting and high quality art and visual effects seen on WAX to date. With over 8 variants including newly envisioned Glass, Cosmic, Bloodsoaked and Cursed, the set easily surpasses 1300 unique cards, including well over 300 unique 1/1s.
Base — Common

Illustrated by Macaulay Etherington, these beautiful base cards are fully rendered and packed with horrifying detail.
Glass - Uncommon

Designed by the legendary Schwartzbacca , the glass variant remains one of our greatest card rarities of all-time.
Base — Common

Another Schwartzbacca joint, taking the classic bloodsoaked variant to another level.
Guest Set — Special

Illustrated by J.P. Vlichis and coloured by Macauley Etherington, the guest cards are a much loved addition to the Horrors collection. Lovingly created in a inimitable retro style, they are a firm favourite amongst hardcore Horror heads.